CORRUGATED WALLS - Thickness 1,0~1,5 mm, Width 300~1600mm, Inner Gap 6mm, Fin Height 50~400mm, Distance Between Fins ≥35mm
RADIATORS - Slice Width: 520mm, Distance Between Slices: 45mm, Length: 800~3500mm, Max slice number: 35 , Steel Thickness: 1.00-1.20mm
TRANSFORMER TANK PRODUCTION - Okuyan Metal Co., Ltd. makes production of transformer tanks from 10 kVA to 25 mVA
SURFACE PREPARATION (SANDING) - Okuyan Metal Co., Ltd. is sanding transformer tanks before painting in quality of SA 2.5 .
ZINC (Zn) SPRAYING - Okuyan Metal Co., Ltd. can produce 480 m2 coating in a month, 100µ (600 g/m2) thick, using flame spray method.
PAINTING - A transformator tank which is painted approximately 100µ thick, gains almost the perfect corrosion ressitance system.



Since its been founded , Okuyan Metal Co. Ltd. has completed numerous projects successfully and now offering to you its experience, know-how and the understanding of ethical bussiness in manufacturing transformator tanks, corrugated walls and radiators. Our company makes customer oriented production in its facilities furnished with high quality, cutting edge equipments.

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Okuyan Metal Co., Ltd.

Okuyan, put its signature to many succesfull projects, services with its experience, knowledge and commercial ethics, in the area of transformer tanks.

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