Corrugated Walls

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Transformer Heat Generation

The main source of heat generation in transformer is its copper loss or I2R loss. Although there are other factors contribute heat in transformer such as hysteresis & eddy current losses but contribution of I2R loss dominate them. If this heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the transformer will rise continually which may cause damages in paper insulation and liquid insulation medium of transformer. So it is essential to control the temperature within permissible limit to ensure the long life of transformer by reducing thermal degradation of its insulation system.

Transformer Cooling Prenciple

The rising temprature at the transformer core, increases the kinetic energy of cooling oil molecules. The cooling oil molecules which has high kinetic energy shuffles across with the molecules which has low kinetic energy and moves to farest point of transformer tank.

Prenciples of Corrugated Fin Walls

Corrugated fin walls are a part of distribution and power transformer tanks which provides heat reduction (cooling) by increasing the contact surface of the hot and kinetic energised oil molecules with the atmosphere.

Production of Corrugated Fin Walls

Corrugated fin wall is a part of transformator tanks which is using for cooling process. Increasing the contact surface via corrugated wall will enhace the cooling effectiveness.
Depending on customer request corrugated fin wall machine can produce a fin wall in any measures by using A1 quality DKP (CCR) 6112 cold rolled steel sheet material. CNC operator insert all parameters via control panel. Respectively DKP (CCR) 6112 steel sheet metal be processed in decoiler, straightening, bending, pressing, cutting and flanging units.

Parameters of Corrugated Fin Walls

The technical specifications concerning to corrugated walls which produced by full-automatic PLC fin forming machine, are shown below:

The measurements and its explanations shown in corrugated wall paramaters diagram are as below.






 Steel width


 300~1600 mm


 Steel thickness


 1.0~1.50 mm


 Fin height


 50~400 mm


 Distance between walls


 Min. 35 mm


 Inner gap


 6 mm


 Number of sets


 1~4 set




 Max 2600 mm (Depends on height and width)


 Folding height


 15~300 mm


 Starting bending distance


 ≥40 mm


 Finishing bending distance


 ≥40 mm

To weld the corrugated walls used in transformer tanks, Full automatic MIG welding machine is used. For this machine, maximum steel thickness is 1.2~1.5mm, width is 300~1600mm, inner gap is6mm, fin height is 50~400mm and distance between fins is greater than 35mm. To strengthen the corrugated wall, welding machine is able to weld extra steel stick to both sides of the panel.

Embossment Layout and Technical Drawings:

The layout variations of embrossments which are put to strengthen mechanical resistance against pressure, accordin to fin height is as shown below:

Corrugated Fin Wall Production Process

  1. Examaning projects
  2. Supllying materilas
  3. Fin folding process by fin forming machine
  4. Alligning and strengtening Works (sheet belts and transmission sticks
  5. Bending of Starting and ending edges
  6. Cleaning and finishing touches
  7. Quality control
  8. Packaging



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