Radiator Panels

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The main source of heat generation in transformer is its copper loss or I2R loss. Although there are other factors contribute heat in transformer such as hysteresis & eddy current losses but contribution of I2R loss dominate them. If this heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the transformer will rise continually which may cause damages in paper insulation and liquid insulation medium of transformer. So it is essential to control the temperature within permissible limit to ensure the long life of transformer by reducing thermal degradation of its insulation system.

The rising temprature at the transformer core, increases the kinetic energy of cooling oil molecules.  The cooling oil molecules which has high kinetic energy shuffles across with the molecules which has low kinetic energy and moves to transformer tank wall. Radiator panels provide heat reduction (cooling) by increasing the contact surface of the heating oil with the atmosphere.

Okuyan Metal Co., Ltd. uses radiators sized to meet requirements of DIN 42559. The vacuum resistant radiators passes successfully from leakage test which applied at 100oC and 1 Bar pressure. 

General features of radiator panels:

  • Width of slices: 520 mm
  • Distance between slices: 45 mm
  • Radiator length: 800~3500 mm (100 mm steps)
  • Maximum number of slices : 35 pcs
  • Thickness of steel sheet: 1.00-1.20 mm (DIN 1603 ~ ST 1203)

The resistance of radiators is rainforced by welding 8 mm thickness steel sticks on slices.

According to customer requirements, radiator slices can be cut from top right or top left in size of 170x330 mm. Numbers of the cutting slices must be determined in the order form.

In surface preparation, radiators coated with phosphate in phosphate bathtube. At the next step, inner side of the radiator is painting with thickness of 20 micron Selerol. Outer surfaces painting with flow coating technique. Thickness and colour of the painting is determined in the order form by the customer. In special cases, radiators may be delivered after hot galvanization process.

Leakage test are made under water by applying the air at 2 bar pressure for 5 minutes.



Since its been founded , Okuyan Metal Co. Ltd. has completed numerous projects successfully and now offering to you its experience, know-how and the understanding of ethical bussiness in manufacturing transformator tanks, corrugated walls and radiators. Our company makes customer oriented production in its facilities furnished with high quality, cutting edge equipments.

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